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Stormwater Treatment Systems

Electrolytic Stormwater Treatment Plant for storm drain, storm sewer, storm drain wastewater

Pollutants on streets can be washed into storm drains and reach our water resources, harming the fish, plants, and wildlife. Stormwater pollutants - sediment, trash and debris, nutrients, TSS, Oil and Grease and metals/ heavy metals are treated and water can be reclaimed using RT Pure pre-engineered stormwater treatment system. RT Pure SWTP removes trash, sediment, oil and other suspended solids efficiently & effectively – more than 90% removal rate.

Model Design Capacity (Liters/hour) Plant Capacity (KLD)
RT PURE D 10 425 10
RT PURE D 20 850 20
RT PURE C200 8500 200
RT PURE C400 16,700 400

RT Pure Advanced Stormwater treatment systems has built-in Electrocoagulation reactor (EC reactor) for primary water treatment and electro-oxidation reactor for seconadary treatment which makes an innovative water processing system for effective and economical treatment of storm water, industrial storm and wash water under a range of in-fluent concentrations and compositions.

RT Pure systems significantly reduces power demand and operator attention, and eliminates the need for chemicals in many cases. RT Pure Stormwater Treatment System comes in a pre-packaged intermodal cargo container or skid mounted system that sits above ground and can be located either inside or outside the facility.

Feature/ Benefits: 
* Easily transportable with all common container vessels and vehicles * Fast Installation and delivery * Extremely small footprint * Minimal requirements for installation site * System can be completely pre-fabricated * Factory-made test run * Minimal effort for set up of building site facilities