Sewage Treatment

Domestic Sewage treatment plant

Convert residential / household / domestic wastewater to clean water and reuse using electrolytic sewage treatment systems

RT PURE Domestic STP Models are self-contained, continual feed electrochemical systems which turn domestic waste water read more

Commercial Sewage Treatment Plant

Electrolytic Sewage Treatment Plant for commercial complex, industrial larger capacity sewage water treatment.

RT Pure Commercial sewage, wastewater Treatment system successfully eliminate the persistent pollutants from sewage read more

Arsenic Removal Systems

Arsenic Removal from water by Electrocoagulation Process

RT Solutions Offers RT Pure Arsenic removal systems for removal of arsenic from groundwater, with prepacked read more

Stormwater Treatment Systems

Electrolytic Stormwater Treatment Plant for storm drain, storm sewer, storm drain wastewater

Pollutants on streets can be washed into storm drains and reach our water resources, harming the fish, plants, and read more

Marine Sewage Treatment Plant

Advanced Electrolytic Marine STP Systems

RT PURE-M, a multi-functional, bio-friendly marine wastewater treatment system generates sodium hypochlorite with mixed read more

STP Projects

Advanced Sewage Treatment Projects (Electrolysis Plant)

Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant

Truck or Mini Van Mounted Electro-chemical Sewage Treatment Systems

RT Pure Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant are uniquely arranged units designed to provide reclaimed water from sewage water read more

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