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Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant

Truck or Mini Van Mounted Electro-chemical Sewage Treatment Systems

Mobile Sewage Treatment Units are pre-mounted ex works and delivered ready-to-use. All modules are scaled to standard containers (ISO 668) or custom tailored and can easily be loaded and shipped through all common means.

RT Pure Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant are uniquely arranged units designed to provide reclaimed water from sewage water or storm water when and where it's needed. STP units are easily transportable and are readily available as truck mounted or mini van mounted, or in the bock of a compact pickup, or air lifted by helicopter with its own standard sling. All you need is a sewage or storm water source and a tank in which to store the clean water. Everything else are delivered ready-to-use.

Truck STP Models

Sewage Treatment Models
Model Design Capacity (Liters/hour) Plant Capacity (KLD)
RT PURE C100 4,200 100
RT PURE C200 8500 200
Storm Water Treatment Models
Model Design Capacity (Liters/hour) Plant Capacity (KLD)
RT PURE C200 8500 200
RT PURE C400 16,700 400

Mini Van STP Models

Sewage Treatment Models
Model Design Capacity (Liters/hour) Plant Capacity (KLD)
RT PURE D4.8 200 4.8
RT PURE D 10 425 10
Storm Water Treatment Models
Model Design Capacity (Liters/hour) Plant Capacity (KLD)
RT PURE D 10 425 10
RT PURE D 20 850 20

Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant

RT Pure® Mobile STP units are lightweight, enough to be moved to remote locations when roads are blocked or damaged. Prepacked vehicle mounted-units (truck, mini van or other) can be easily transported and used for water recycling and water reuse and saves your time.

RT PURE® Mobile sewage treatment Plant works on electro-chemical (electrolysis) processes - Electro-Coagulation and Electro-Oxidation to convert sewage - wastewater to reusable water.
Feature/ Benefits: 
  • * Easily transportable with all common container vessels and vehicles
  • * Fast Installation and delivery
  • * Extremely small footprint
  • * Minimal requirements for installation site
  • * System can be completely pre-fabricated
  • * Factory-made test run
  • * Minimal effort for set up of building site facilities
  • * Low operating cost
  • * Requires low power
  • * No Odour, Colorless Water
  • * Customer-specific solutions
  • * Consistent & reliable results
  • * Suits for remote locations
  • * Reuse of water for multi application

RT Pure Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants utilize state-of-the-art Electro-chemical Reactor (ECR) technology to achieve high treatment efficiencies within a small foot print.

  • Disaster relief - Storm Water or Flood Affected areas
  • Airports, Railways
  • Single-family homes
  • Clustered subdivisions
  • Residential Colonies
  • Municipalities
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Mobile-home parks
  • Office parks
  • Resorts and hotels
  • Golf courses
  • Shopping centers
  • Grocery stores
  • Camps for refugees
  • Military Camps
  • Hospitals & Health Centers