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Mini Chlor Alkali Plant

Caustic Soda (NaOH) and Chlorine (Cl2) Production Mini Plant

With the advent of ion-exchange membranes,a new era began in chlor alkali cell design and hence membrane cell process as a whole has become superior to the conventional mercury and diaphragm cell processes. We Offer RT AME® Mini Chlor Alkali Plant with Advanced Membrane Cells( electrochemical cells ) for chlor alkali process.

RT Solutions Offers MIni Chlor Alakli Plant for the modern day Chlorine, Caustic Production, Commercial Hypochlorite production - Electro Organic Synthesis, Electro Inorganic Synthesis Purposes.

Membrane Cell Process

The main process of manufacturing chlorine and caustic soda consists primary brine treatment & secondary brine treatment. After these conventional / ion- exchange process brine electrolysis occurs at the membrane cells. After electrolysis of brine in the cell, the weak brine with dissolved chlorine is dechlorinated and returned to the brine making system for fortification. Soft water is fed into the cathode compartment of the cell.

The overall cell reaction is 2NaCl + 2H2O --> 2NaOH + Cl2 + H2


RT AME® membrane cell design is similar to the plate and frame filter press. Each membrane cell module of the desired size and capacity is obtained by stacking together anode and cathode assemblies with ion-exchange membranes in between. Several Cells are connected in series for the required capacity.

Feature/ Benefits: 
. Less power consumption than mercury cell and diaphragm cell due to high efficiency membranes, improved cathode and activated titanium metal anode - ATMA®. . Pollutant free process - free from mercury and asbestos,the so called pollutants in mercury and diaphragm processes. . Pure products of caustic soda and chlorine with RT AME® Membrane Cell Anodes. . Flexible Cell Operation