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Heavy Metal Removal Plant

Heavy metal pollution has become one of the most serious problems today. There is the large threat posed by the discharge of toxic heavy metal like Copper, Chromium, Nickel, Lead into the environment through many metal finishing (electroplating) operations like printed circuit board production shops.

Mining wastewater containing high load of metals, being very corrosive and relative high temperatures makes the Mining operations and smelters often struggle to meet discharge limits for heavy metals into ocean, rivers, lakes etc.

RT ECO helps the detoxification of industrial effluents for environmental protection and recovery of valuable metals emanating from various nonferrous processing industries and limits the toxic contaminants from waste water in an efficient as well as economical way.

Heavy Metal Removal Plant Models

Models Treatment capacity
Flow rate
RT ECO MR-5 5 500
RT ECO MR-10 10 1000
RT ECO MR-20 20 2000
RT ECO MR-30 30 3000
RT ECO MR-40 40 4000
RT ECO MR-50 50 5000
RT ECO MR-60 60 6000
RT ECO MR-100 100 10000

RT ECO electrochemical effluent treatment system comprises electro-coagulation as primary treatment removes dissolved metals and electro-oxidation as secondary treatment process . RT ECO, electrochemical effluent treatment systems are fully automatic, skid mounted, designed for continuous operation which converts effluent into reusable water.

The metals precipitate solids are removed and the clean water can be reused for the mine’s needs or can be discharged back to the environment complying with regulations.