Electrochemical Technologies

Potassium Chlorate Plant

RT Solutions supply Potassium chlorate plant for industrial use - oxidizing agent, disinfectant, safety matches, read more

Chlorate Plant

Sodium Chlorate read more

Sodium Chlorate Plant

RT Solutions supply sodium chlorate plant for on-site generation of chlorine dioxide, a key bleaching agent in bleached read more

Electrochemical activation Systems : ECA - Electrochemically Activated Water

Synthesis of electrochemically Activated Solutions - low mineralized liquids.

The electro-chemical treatment / activation of water using only salt (NaCI), tap water (H2O) and electricity (240v) read more

Electro Organic Synthesis Plant

Organic processing with Advanced membrane Electrolysis Technology

Electro-organic-synthesis (EOS) achieves electron-transfer-driven reactions selectively. The electron transfer leads to read more

High Strength Hypochlorite Plant

Liquid Bleach Production Plant (Commercial Hypo Plant)

As an alternative to using liquid or gas chlorine, chlorine as aqueous sodium hypochlorite is inherently safer form read more

Mini Chlor Alkali Plant

Caustic Soda (NaOH) and Chlorine (Cl2) Production Mini Plant

RT Solutions Offers MIni Chlor Alakli Plant for the modern day Chlorine, Caustic Production, Commercial Hypochlorite read more

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