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Cooling Water Treatment Plant

Biofouling Control Systems for Cooling tower water treatment (brine electrochlorination)

Produce sodium hypochlorite On-site and disinfect process-cooling-seawater using this systems and avoid break downs; improve heat exchanger efficiency. Safe, effective and healthy cooling water disinfection.

To prevent the growth of microorganisms, algae and biofilms we supply onsite sodium hypochlorite generator (disinfectant generator systems) for treating the process water or cooling water and fire water streams to meet the Process Industry challenges.

MODELSEquivalent Chlorine Output Soft water for Brine Preparation 1ppm 2ppm 3ppm 4ppm 5ppm AC amps @415V, 3Ph, 50Hz Main Feeder Capacity
Kg/day Liters/hr M3/day Volume of water that can be disinfected Million Liters Per Day (MLD) Amps Amps
RTCHLOR-BCT-500G 12.0 62.5 2.0 12 6 4 3 2 5 7.5
RTCHLOR-BCT-1K 24.0 125.0 3.0 24 12 8 6 5 10 14.5
RTCHLOR-BCT-1.5K 36.0 187.5 5.0 36 18 12 9 7 14 21.0
RTCHLOR-BCT-2K 48.0 250.0 6.0 48 24 16 12 10 19 21.0
RTCHLOR-BCT-3K 72.0 375.0 9.0 72 36 24 18 14 29 35.0
RTCHLOR-BCT-6K 144.0 750.0 20.0 144 72 48 36 29 58 68.0

Water as the most important raw material in industrial processes, has to strictly meet the requirements due to the concerned process in terms of purity, salinity, microbiological presence, pathogens, solids, turbidity, undesirable salts. WATER also provides a good environment for harmful microbes to grow causing major biological fouling and corrosion which reduces the efficiency of the condensers used for cooling or process in refining of oil/gas products, specialty chemicals (petrochemical refineries), power plant and other process industries. Biofouling thus caused restricts the intake to firewater and jockey pumps at offshore facilities using seawater throughout their plant run-time processes. Shock dosing at set intervals and a continuous dosing of sodium hypochlorite makes the process water clean and free from macrofouling (algae free).

Our range of Cooling water treatment System (RT CHLOR® System) incorporates parallel plate electrolyzer or concentric tubular bipolar electrolyser for generating free radicals and chlorine as Hypochlorite (NaOCl). Tube electrolyzer design incorporates free removal of hydrogen and also prevents scaling due to its ingenious design. These self cleaning design ensures near maintenance free operation without any acid cleaning, ensuring the microorganisms, algae growth prevention and performs consistently for years together.

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