Batch Electro Chlorination Systems

Sodium Hypochlorite generators for Onsite Water disinfection in 6-8 hours batch process.

Produce sodium hypochlorite on-site and on demand and disinfect water using batch electrochlorination systems and avoid handling toxic chlorine. Safe, effective and healthy disinfection system, easy to handle and operate with compact modular design requiring less space.

NOBLE CHLOR® Batch Electrochlorinators are designed to generate hypochlorite for a wide range of applications in safe, low cost, reliable and portable packages.Rt Solutions offers NOBLE CHLOR® Batch Chlorinator System as Skid Mounted Batch Sodium Hypo System or loose components which includes Batch Chlorinator Electrolyzers, Replacement Cell Assembly for Existing Batch Chlorinators.

Batch Electro-Chlorination System Models

Chlorinator MODELS
Capacity Chlorine Production (g/batch)
Volume of Hypochlorite Solution (L/batch)
Treatable Volume Per Batch @1ppm (Litres)
Treatable Volume Per Day (3 Batches)@1ppm (Litres)
NOBLECHLOR-15S 150 19 1,50,000 4,50,000
NOBLECHLOR-50S 550 70 5,50,000 16,50,000
NOBLECHLOR-100S 1100 140 11,00,000 33,00,000
NOBLECHLOR-200S 2000 250 20,00,000 60,00,000
NOBLECHLOR-300S 3000 375 30,00,000 90,00,000

Batch Electrochlorination Process

A saturated brine solution mixed with softened water (batch) fed through the hypochlorite generating electrolyzer(s). The batch is recirculated several times to raise the concentration till NaCl exhausts in solution. Batch produced hypochlorite, then stored into a degas/storage tank is injected into the water supply or wastewater systems for disinfection and treatment.

. Municipal/ corporation drinking water treatment . Food processing industries water treatment . Disinfection of potable water (drinking water) . Swimming pool water treatment (salt water chlorination) . Industrial effluent treatment etp (bods, cods disinfection) . Industrial sewage (waste) treatment (stp) . Cooling tower water treatment (biofouling control)