Water, Wastewater Treatment Products

Sugar Mill Wastewater Treatment Plant

Electro-coagulation-Integrated Electrochemical Systems for Sugar Mills, factory Wastewater Treatment

RT ECO sugar industry ETP are reliable, efficient and economically fit to treat the sugar industry wastewater and read more

Marine Sewage Treatment Plant

Advanced Electrolytic Marine STP Systems

RT PURE-M, a multi-functional, bio-friendly marine wastewater treatment system generates sodium hypochlorite with mixed read more

Continuous Electro-chlorination Systems

Automatic system produces sodium hypochlorite on-site & on-demand using common salt + water & power.

RT Solutions offer onsite hypochlorite systems (Noble Chlor®), automated electrochlorinator packages, single cell read more

Drinking Water Treatment | Electrochlorination Systems

Sodium Hypochlorite Systems for Drinking Water Treatment

Offshore Marine Growth Prevention Systems

MGP Systems for Oil rigs & platforms,Offshore process platforms, LNG terminals, Water-front projects

Biofouling in sea water lines are a perennial problem caused due to the barnacles, mussels and other forms of marine read more

STP Projects

Advanced Sewage Treatment Projects (Electrolysis Plant)

Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant

Truck or Mini Van Mounted Electro-chemical Sewage Treatment Systems

RT Pure Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant are uniquely arranged units designed to provide reclaimed water from sewage water read more

Textile Effluent treatment plant

Electro-chemical Wastewater Treatment Plant for Textile Industry.

The textile wastewater effluent contains high amounts of hazardous pollutants including suspended and dissolved solids read more

Pharmaceutical Effluent Treatment Plant

Pharmaceutical Wastewater, Bulk Drugs Processing wastewater Treatment - Pharmaceutical ETP Plant

Pharmaceutical manufacturing ,bulk Drugs Processing effluents are waste containing antibiotics, lipid regulators, anti- read more

Dairy Wastewater Treatment Plant

Water solution for Milk, Dairy Food Production Plant

RT ECO Advanced Effluent treatment Plant (WWT Plant) effectively treats the Dairy Waste waters which can pose a read more

Aquaculture Wastewater Treatment Plant

Electro-chemical Aquaculture Water Treatment Solutions

Aquaculture requires the supply of clean water also, the release of clean water into the environment is important for read more

Livestock Farm Wastewater Treatment Plant

Animal farm wastewater and Feedlots Wastewater Treatment Plant

Animal farm wastewater belongs to high concentration organic wastewater. Wastewater from livestock farms contains large read more

Leachate effluent Treatment plant

Leachate / Food digester sludge-wastewater-effluent Treatment Plant - Advanced Electrochemical Systems

Leachate causes significant threat to surface and groundwater which would endanger our drinking water resources and read more

Carwash / Truck Wash Wastewater Treatment Plant

Reclaim and Reuse car wash effluent-waste water

Car wash facilities equipped with RT ECO electrochemical car wash waste water treatment systems save 75 to 80 % of read more

Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment Plant

Meat processing companies / industry effluent-waste water treatment solutions

Discharge of Untreated Slaughter house wastewater causes significant threat to surface and ground water which would read more


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